Native South Floridian Tom Dalton has experienced his share of hurricanes. Over the years, the mental health counselor and music therapist has also seen the emotional toll the storms can bring. "I've worked with a lot of people that lost their homes and were devastated by the experience of hurricanes," said Dalton. So he decided to help people deal with the storms through music. "Category Five" is a tongue-in-cheek song about living with hurricanes. His CD entitled "When the Hurricane Comes" has 14 songs all about the powerful storms. "There's everything from rock, blues, reggae, country, there's also a children's song." Dalton says each song provides valuable information about hurricanes, history, preparing your home for a storm, and when you may have to evacuate. "There's also a hurricane supply song that gives you an entire list of what you need to purchase for your hurricane kit," said Dalton. The singer songwriter hopes that his unique idea will help Florida residents get through yet another year of storms. "I really hope that they get a sense of comfort in the music that they can go through hurricanes and experience it in a better way."   ”

Jennifer Rivera, Channel 5 News

Review of “When the Hurricane Comes” As Floridians hasten to prepare for what has become the inevitability of yet another devastating hurricane season, they would be wise to consider including the purchase of Tom Dalton’s recently released CD. With over 10 years of experience as a counselor and music therapist, Mr. Dalton brings laudable credentials along with his musical talents to the composition of this eclectic blend of sounds and sensibilities. There are 14 songs in his collection which address the pre, peri and post concerns of facing Nature’s formidable forces. Using a variety of rhythmic styles ranging from rock to country, Mr. Dalton offers both empathy and advice in his lyrics. Transforming the all-too-familiar fears of powerlessness into acceptance and effectiveness, Mr. Dalton ultimately succeeds in making the listener feel a sense of identity with the ocean’s magnificence rather than its destructiveness. It is clear that Mr. Dalton has done his homework in preparing this CD for the public. Sensitive to the paralysis of abject terror, he makes the phenomena of hurricanes manageable through the process of preparation and planning. With practical suggestions contextualized in rhythm and rhyme, Mr. Dalton presents a joyful option substituting efficacious behaviors for thalamic freeze. With the winds and the worries of Jeanne, Francis, Katrina and Wilma still resonating in our minds, it makes great sense to include the palliative comfort of Mr. Dalton’s melodies along with batteries and lamps. By empowering potential ‘victims’, he miraculously transforms them into confident planners. Mr. Dalton’s CD is cultural counseling in synchronized syncopation. Astute storm preparations should include purchasing multiple copies of “When the Hurricane Comes”. The wise consumer can then welcome the collective family energies it will inspire as they ready for yet another season of euphemistically labeled turbulence!”

— Dr. Laura Mardyks, Assistant Principal,

"When the Hurricane Comes," captures experiences shared by so many. With a fun mix of styles, this CD provides music to relate to as well as a valuable therapeutic and educational tool."”

— Deri Dinnan, LMHC,

Tom Dalton’s songwriting skills and broad musical range have come through to create an ingenious CD with before, during, and after hurricane appeal. From the bluesy bravado of “Category 5” to the resigned acceptance of “Nothing,” the material spans the cone of emotional probability associated with the southeastern hurricane experience. You’ve got hurricane history here too, not to mention prep advice for the next big one. Don’t just Hunker Down. Get Down with this enjoyable piece of work!”

— Rod Burk LCSW,