Review of Visualize: When singer/songwriter Tom Dalton sings "Wake Up," from his new CD entitled "Visualize," he's not singing about rising from a good night's rest. He is singing about taking a new, positive direction in life. "The kind of songs I try to write are songs that will motivate and inspire people to be all that they can be," says Dalton. "I want to trigger that little spring inside the heart that makes you say to yourself, "Hey, I'm really special and I'm going to get out there and make something of my life."”

— , Palm Beach Post

He is tired of the same old kind of music so he writes his own and then performs it too. His music is "inspirational music," said Dalton, who is also a guitarist. "It is positive music that can help you when you are down." Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Dalton has spent time in Nashville and Los Angeles, but didn't fit into the country music mold," he said. He has been writing songs all his life. His repertoire includes "Wake Up," a song that motivates people to get out of the dumps; "Tomorrowland," which is about procrastination and "Visualize," which emphasizes positive thinking.”

— , Miami Herald