Comments from Facility Staff and Family Members about Tom Dalton's Music Therapy Groups 

“Tom has been providing music therapy at our daycare center for 11 years. He is truly amazing and talented and able to engage the patients in laughter, communication and emotional expression through song. The patients enjoy singing and Tom plays a variety of music and especially the old favorites of the patients. Besides singing and sharing verbally and non-verbally, the patients frequently get up and dance. Tom’s visits are the highlight of the week at our daycare center!”  
Linda, Program Assistant at the Boca Daycare Center 

“Tom is very personal with the patients and interactive with his musical performances. The patients truly enjoy his singing and guitar playing, singing, dancing and clapping to the music. He also educates the patients and converses with them throughout the music engaging them in memories, thoughts and feelings. Tom is very positive, outgoing, and interactive. He truly enlivens the atmosphere at the day center!”  
Narine, LPN at the Boca Daycare Center 

“Tom has provided amazing music therapy at our Daycare center! He is an amazing and talented person. His interactions with each patient is very amazing to see. The patients love and enjoy his music therapy!”  
Kayla, Program assistant, Boca Daycare Center 

“Tom livens up our patients with his amazing singing and music! I wish he was here with us every week. He is able to play all sorts of different genres of music and always keeps things exciting and engaging for our patients and staff!”  
Pattie, LPN, Delray Beach Daycare Center 

“Tom is a wonderful addition to our activities. He is always smiling and asking about each patients’ day, and how have they been doing. Tom has amazing talent with his voice and guitar. Any requests with songs, he’ll play! All the patients LOVE when Tom comes in! Their faces light up!! Thank You Tom!”  
Ginger, Activity coordinator, Delray Beach  Daycare Center 

“Tom is the best! We really enjoy every moment of his music therapy group. When he walks in the door, the patients light up and they are ready to sing and dance! We all wish Tom could provide music therapy every week! That’s how much we love what he does! Tom, thank you for all that you do and continue to do for our patients!”  
Robin, program assistant, Delray Beach, daycare center 

“Tom brings so much to our patients at the Delray ACC daycare center on a monthly basis! The music takes them to different eras in their lives, bringing back memories. Tom is so inspirational and we all love him!”  
Activity assistant, Delray Daycare center  
“Each month the patients eagerly await Tom’s arrival at the WPB daycare center. Music is a very important part of therapy for the patients and Tom’s kind, charismatic manner with the patients brightens their day! While he sings, his smile lights up the room and you can tell that each verse is from the heart. Tom brings life, joy and renewed happiness to our patients and our staff alike!”  
Catrina, Calix, Theresa Priester, Krystal Simpson, Carmen Henry, Jackie Jacques, Lamaka Adams, staff at the WPB Daycare center.  

“Tom is such a wonderful person” He is a fantastic music therapist and I have known him for many years! He is absolutely wonderful with our Alzheimer patients. All the patients always get involved when he plays his music at his groups. Thank you Tom for caring and being so kind and working so hard to get our patients involved and interacting! Thank You!” 
“K” Activity assistant, PGA daycare Center 

“Tom is the best music therapist I have known! He brings so much joy and happiness to our patients with his music! You can see and hear it in his music when he sings that he truly enjoys what he does! Tom, you and your guitar and your visits will be very missed on Friday afternoons!”  
Activity assistant, PGA  daycare Center 

“Tom has been such a blessing for all the work and performances and groups that he has done! The patients at the center truly love and enjoy him. Sometimes just us saying that he would be coming and they get excited! He is so wonderful and gives them the best music therapy every time! In the years he has provided his music, he has truly changed the patient lives and has made strong connections with the patients! Tom, continue to grow and be successful in your life! God Bless you!”  
“C” program assistant, PGA daycare center  

“Tom, thanks you for bringing bright days for our patients at the PGA Daycare center. You, your music and guitar make such a difference for our patients. It is truly amazing to see your interactions with our patients and staff! Your music ROCKS!!” 
Josie, program assistant, PGA daycare center. 

“Music Therapy with Tom has been of tremendous value to my mom and me! Mom has renewed interest in music and singing and playing instruments which is calming to her and was good physical exercise with breath control and movement facilitated by Tom. Both my mom and I benefitted in his sessions by participating in the music together. He has always welcomed me to be part of the process and I never felt the need to leave during Tom’s groups. I am so thankful to have had the experience and opportunity to be part of Tom’s music therapy groups with my mom. I have also seen a carryover benefit from his music therapy as my mom tolerates being in places better for longer durations sometimes singing with me as we go to stores, etc... The one hour of focused music therapy that Tom provided seems to have had a lasting effect on my mom not only reviving her love of music but in helping her to attend to many life activities outside the center.“  
Jane, daughter of patient at PGA daycare center.