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When the Hurricane Comes

When the Hurricane Comes

When the Hurricane Comes - CD

14 songs about hurricanes and how you can prepare for them. The songs are in a variety of styles from rock, blues, reggae, Latin, country to light jazz. Each song deals with a different aspect relating to hurricanes. Some songs give practical information with hurricane facts and history, evacuation zones and how to prepare your home and family. Other songs offer emotional validation and support for going through the experience before, during and after a hurricane.
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Hurricane Songs for Kids


Hurricane Songs for Kids - CD

This 9 song collection of children's songs are designed to help kids be better prepared for hurricanes. The songs provide information about hurricanes and also address many of the fears children have about the storms. The songs are both educational and therapeutic in helping kids deal better with hurricanes.
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Visualize - CD

This uplifting, inspirational collection of songs was designed to help with feelings of sadness and depression. The songs challenge negative belief systems and offer mood elevation. Tracks feature innovative keyboardist William Coakley and guitarist Paul Feurer
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Sacred Thread

Sacred Thread

Sacred Thread - CD

Sacred Thread: An International Chant for the New Millennium. This sacred chant which was written and performed for the 22nd International Association for Human Caring Conference in Boca Raton, Florida combines sacred text from the Buddhist, Islamic, Chrisitan, Hindu, Shamanic-Apache and Jewish-Hasidic religions with a poem by Smita Chand.
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You may purchase any of my songs for .99 cents. Please E-mail me your song(s) choice at After buying via PayPal, I will E-mail the song to you ASAP. Thanks!
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