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Tom Dalton: Music

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

(Tom Dalton - vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums: Paul Feurer - electric guitar)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
In a Reggae style, this song discusses the decision making process one goes through in deciding whether to stay or leave their home as a hurricane approaches.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I stay or should I go?
Hunker down or hit the road
The storm is getting close I know
Should I stay or should I go?

Got to make a decision
I see it on the television
I’m in the path of a major hurricane

They say evacuation
I need a shelter location
No time for hesitation – it’s much too late


I need a safe destination
Can’t find a hotel reservation
No time for plywood installation this time

The freeway will be jammin’
I should have done more plannin’
Maybe there’s a shelter I can find?


© 2006 Tom Dalton