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Tom Dalton: Music

Get the Facts Man

(Tom Dalton - vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, bass; Paul Feurer - electric guitar)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
This upbeat, groove oriented song provides important hurricane facts that we need to know in order to be prepared.
Get the Facts Man

Get the facts man, make a hurricane plan
You been forewarned so be informed
Get the facts man, make a hurricane plan today

The Saffir-Simpson scale rates hurricane power
A category 1 blows at 95 miles an hour
A category 2 kicks it up a notch to 110
At 130 miles an hour , a Cat 3 is really blowin’

At category 4 winds reach 155
And over that you know it’s a category 5
Now the storm surge is a factor you can’t deny
From 5 to 18 feet the waves multiply


Keep the TV on and the radio
Find out everything you need to know
Watch the hurricane track and the “skinny black line”
If you’re in the “cone of error” the risk is high

Get shutters on the windows and check your home
Be sure you’re not in an evacuation zone
Secure and brace all your outside doors
Your garage door may need to be reinforced


Now the power can be out for a week or two
So stock up on supplies and canned food
Get your generator and your gas
Don’t forget the ATM to get some cash

A hurricane watch gives you just about 36 hours
When the warning comes you got a day before you feel it’s power
The damage on the coast can be severe
So make you plans right now before the season’s here


© 2006 Tom Dalton