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Tom Dalton: Music

During the Storm

(Tom Dalton - vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, strings)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
This songs is a comforting and informative song about what to do when the hurricane arrives. It describes putting together a "safe room" for the family and how to cope during the time the hurricane "hits" your area.
During the Storm

During the storm you better stay inside
Find a room that’s safe your family can reside
Make sure the room’s secure and lay a mattress on the floor

During the storm

Get some pillows and blankets for your safe room
A first aid kit, extra water and some food
Have some family games to play as the wind and the rain pours

During the storm

Keep the radio on when the winds get strong
Keep the family close it won’t last too long
And when the eye finally arrives don’t go outside your door

During the storm

© 2006 Tom Dalton