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Tom Dalton: Music


(Tom Dalton - vocals, electric guitars, drums, bass, flute, keyboards/synth; Paul Feurer - electric guitar)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
This rock song "ala Pink Floyd", addresses the devastaing loss that many experienced in Hurricane Andrew and finding a sense of meaning through the experience.

I walked upon this land a child of rhyme and reason
Holding to what I had through ever-changing seasons
But now I’ve lost it all I’ve only empty feelings
Standing naked here I face my new found freedom

Could it be I’ve always known it
Could it be I’ve passed the test
I came into this life with nothing
Nothing is what I have left

What started out so simple, how could I be so wrong
The meaning has escaped me I lived that way so long
But now it’s come full circle and so I start again
A stranger to my own world – a place I’ve always been

I stand before this ocean and watch the weeping waves
The ever-changing motion inside me starts to fade
I’m coming home again, this endless journey’s end
Without a rhyme or reason only innocence

© 2006 Tom Dalton