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Tom Dalton: Music

Sacred Thread

(Tom Dalton-vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion; Background vocals - Shelly Armstrong, Nancy Hadd)
Words and Music by Tom Dalton and Smita Chand © 2006 Tom Dalton
The chant Sacred Thread integrates sacred text from Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Apache and Jewish tradtions with original music and poetry. The chant offers a diversity and complexity of spiritual paths and seeks to find a place of oneness where people can come together through music
Sacred Thread

Words and Music by Tom Dalton and Smita Chand

Om Mani padme Hum (Buddhist)
"Hail to the Jewel of the Lotus"

Allah hu Akbar (Islamic)
"God is Great"

Alleluia (Christian)

Om Namah Sivaya (Hindu)
"I honor the divine within"

O He Le (Shamanic-Apache)
"I go through the air to a holy place"

Dai dai ya-dle-dai dai dai (Jewish-Hasidic)
"Melody is the outpouring of the soul; words interrupt the stream of emotion"

Smita Chand's Poem:
"Tied into a sacred thread, enmeshed with nature, part of the fabric, insignificant and beautiful, like a shell on the beach, magnificent and bountiful and ordinary, like the tree of life. Filled with music and air that we share with the earth, at once, radiant with color and blending with the universe, opening doors, we had never dreamed.

© 2006 Tom Dalton and Smita Chand