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Tom Dalton: Music

Miami Beach

(Tom Dalton - vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, steel drums, keyboards)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
This latin styled song describes the beauty of living in South Florida and especially Miami Beach and gives a sense of why we tolerate hurricanes each year.
Miami Beach

It’s sunrise in the east, the waves at your feet – Miami Beach
The sand is steamin’ hot you can feel the heat – Miami Beach
My mind is driftin’ to the clear ocean blue that I once knew
Saltwater dreams I can feel the breeze blowin’ me and you

Miami Beach, Miami

Cubano music beats make you move your feet – Miami Beach
The mango’s are so sweet fallin’ off the trees – Miami Beach
Coconuts and papayas and drinkin’ fresh O.J. all day
The sunsets are like Disney land and it rains like a hurricane

Miami Beach, Miami

A childhood memory is always there with me – Miami Beach
A brown skinned little boy playin’ in the sand – Miami Beach
Singing songs to the wind with the rhythm of waves pounding in my brain
Feel the dide pull me in like a man over seas- I’m home again

Miami Beach, Miami

©2006 Tom Dalton