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Tom Dalton: Music

Shutters on the Windows

(Tom Dalton - vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, drums, bass)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
This "CCR styled" rock song provides information about choosing the right shutters for your hoome.
Shutters on the Windows

Shutters on the windows or panels on the door
You can buy some plywood at Lowes or Home Depot
Don’t wait for the hurricane warning avoid the long, long lines
Get your shutters early this time

When it comes to choosing shutters
They come in all shapes and size
Bahama awnings open up and Colonials to the side

Accordians are cheaper
And fold up as they slide
Roll up’s are expensive and some are motorized

But if you’re on a budget
Then plywood will suffice
Make sure you buy 5/8 inch
3/4 inch is nice


Now they got lots of products
Make sure they meet the code
Cause when the winds start pounding
That’s when you will know

It’s all about installation
Make sure you do it right
Get the tools and know the rules
Seal your house up tight


© 2006 Tom Dalton