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Tom Dalton: Music

Hurricane History

(Tom Dalton - vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, strings, bass; Paul Feurer - electric guitar)
June 18, 2006
Words and Music by Tom Dalton
This jazzy song tells the history of the major hurricanes since 1900.
Hurricane History

Hurricane History do you know
Just how many storms come and go
It’s a fact of life here in the southern states

Hurricane history - listen close
Especially if you live on the coast
Cause hurricane season soon is under way

Now in 1900 there was a killer hurricane, a category 4 and it had no name
Blew in off the Gulf and made landfall in Galveston
On September 8th,15 ft waves claimed the lives of 8,000 they say
Was the deadliest hurricane that’s ever come

Then there was the “Great Miami Hurricane of 26” and in Lake Okeechobee in 28
Over 3000 people died among the two
You got the Labor Day Hurricane of 35 and up in New England in 38
Cost a 1000 lives and 9 million in damage to boot

In 54 Carol and Edna dropped by and a few months later Hazel said hi
Took 175 lives in the United States
Connie and Dianne came in 55 and Audrey paid a visit in 57
But in 60 came Donna one of the all time worst hurricanes
Then came Camille, a category 5 - hit the Mississippi coast in 69
Was the 2nd most intense hurricane of all time
Then in 1972 Agnes blew through, with US deaths at 122
Then we got a little break til 1989

When hurricane Hugo first arrived, in Charleston, South Carolina
There were 20 ft waves and 21 people died
5 more in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands 24 in the Caribbean lost their lives
8 billion dollars in damage till Hugo said goodbye

Three years later in 92 came the most destructive hurricane we ever knew
Andrew hit Dade County as a category 5
26 billion in damage caused, over 25,000 homes were lost, a quarter million homeless,
And 65 lost their life
Then Opal, Mitch and Floyd stopped by to end the 90’s with more loss of lives
In 2000 Keith did damage from Belize to Mexico
In 2001 there was Allison and Iris, 2 years later Isabel reminds us
Just how far north a hurricane can go

Now 2004 was a nightmare of storms – major hurricanes there were four
Charley, Frances, Ivan and don’t forget Jeanne
45 billion in damage alone, Florida got hit bad you know
But the floods and mudslides in Haiti took 3000 lives

Which brings us up to 2005, you wonder how we ever survived
With Katrina, Rita, and Wilma all category 5
1200 lives Katrina claimed, worst hurricane since 28
75 billion in damage in New Orleans


© 2006 Tom Dalton