"Let me create a beautiful Celebration of Life and Legacy Song honoring the life of your loved one."

A recognized expert in facilitating songwriting in hospice and bereavement, Tom has written hundreds of songs with the families he has worked with.


"Share memories and stories about your loved one and let me integrate them into a song that celebrates their life!"

"Your loved one's memory and life will never be forgotten through a treasured song that will be there for your family forever."

"Let's talk about your loved one and the way you would like their life celebrated through special music and lyrics in your preferred musical style"

"Your song will be 100% personalized and customized and capture the essence of your loved one's life!"

"Your finished song will be a beautiful stereo recording with vocals, harmonies, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, drums and strings recorded in my state-of-the art recording studio."

"We can also create a beautiful slide show with special photographs of your loved one and your family with your original song as the musical background."

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