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Tom Dalton: Services

"Hurricane Workshop for Kids"

"Hurricane Workshop for Kids" is now being offered for children ages 4-12 at Summer Camps and Aftercare programs throughout Palm Beach County. The workshop is designed to help children deal better with hurricanes. Presented by Tom Dalton LMHC, MT-BC, this fun, interactive workshop uses the power of music to address the different issues related to hurricane preparedness for children. Using songs from his new CD "Hurricane Songs for Kids," participants are able to learn about hurricanes and be better prepared emotionally to deal with the storms.

For more information contact Tom Dalton at (561) 281-7948

Children's Services Council

Hurricane Preparedness For Kids: A Training Workshop for Direct Service Providers

2300 High Ridge Road
Boynton Beach FL 33426
Palm Beach County (561) 374-7660

Thomas A. Dalton LMHC, MT-BC is presenting a workshop for direct service providers to assist them in facilitating hurricane readiness programs with kids. This fun, interactive workshop uses the power of music to teach practitioners how they can help children prepare for a hurricane on a practical and emotional level and make an actual hurricane a little less scary and chaotic from the child's perspective.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Teach important facts and safety information about hurricanes

2. Facilitate sharing of personal experiences of past hurricanes

3. Help children identify and share fears, worries and concerns regarding hurricanes

4. Teach children ways of relaxing, staying calm and sleeping during a hurricane.

5. Facilitate a hurricane workshop using the fun, interactive music CD: "Hurricane Songs For Kids."

For more information contact Tom Dalton at (561) 281-7948

Individual Music Therapy and Counseling for Children and Teens

Thomas A. Dalton LMHC, MT-BC provides individual music therapy and counseling services throughout Palm Beach County with children and teens with the following problem areas:

* Severe Emotional Disturbances
* Grief, Loss and Bereavement
* Autism
* Difficult Behaviors
* Low Self-Esteem
* Life Limiting Illness
* Developmental Disabilities

For more information contact Tom Dalton at (561) 281-7948

Music Therapy Groups for Older Adults

The Music Therapy Groups are being offered throughout Palm Beach County at Nursing Homes and Care facilities. Music Therapy groups are very different from "entertainers" in that specific therapeutic goals and objectives are the focus of the groups. Thomas A. Dalton LMHC, MT-BC provides live music and interaction with group participants engaging them in the following goal areas:

* Mood elevation
* Reality orientation
* Reminiscence and sharing life experiences
* Singing, Dancing and exercise
* Emotional support and validation
* Creative expression through group songwriting
* Oppportunities for Successful Experiences
* Social Interaction

The Music Therapy Groups are designed specifically for the needs of the participants. Mr. Dalton has extensive experience in working with patients with special needs including those with:

Alzheimer's Disease
Cancer and Terminally Ill
Stroke Patients
Brain Injury

For more information contact Tom Dalton at (561) 281-7948

Tom Dalton: Live Performance

Tom Dalton performs live music for concert venues, clubs and special events throughout South Florida. A singer/songwriter/guitarist for most of his life, Dalton performs songs from the 40's to current top 40 hits. He infuses his original music in with his shows which is an eclectic mix of styles from rock, folk, country, Latin and reggae.

For more information contact Tom Dalton at (561) 281-7948

Multi- Media Presentations

Thomas A. Dalton provides multi-media Music Therapy presentations combining powerpoint, audio, video and live music on the following topics:

* Music Therapy in Hospice: Enhancing the Quality of Care

* Working with Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children and Teens

* Helping Bereaved Children and Adolescents using Clinical Songwriting

* Using Music Therapy and songwriting with bereaved adolescents and teens

* Life Review and Reminiscence with Alzheimer's Patients and their families using Music Therapy and Clinical Songwriting

* "Music, Aikido and the Art of Flow: Principles to Enhance Business Effectiveness, Productivity and Communication

For more information contact Tom Dalton at (561) 281-7948

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